Welcome to East Riding Retired Greyhounds

Situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire we are an independent CIO (Charitable
Incorporated Organisation) formed in September 2018 and registered with the
Charity Commission (RCN 1179796).  Our aim is simple: to find safe, loving homes for ex-racing and rescued greyhounds who find themselves abandoned or in need of our help to find their forever sofa.

Greyhounds have a profound effect on the lives they touch. From providing companionship to the elderly, a best friend to young children, and a walking buddie for those who need an excuse to take more exercise. Each day spent with your greyhound will be a joy!

If you feel that your life would be enhanced by adopting a greyhound, contact us and grant a greyhound wish today!

On behalf of the greyhounds… Thank you!

DOG OF THE MONTH: SHANE – This brindle boy is 5 years old.  He is extremely shy at the moment and will need plenty of patience to help him settle in. A quiet home environment would suit him best.  Could you give Shane the chance to see that people are kind and loving and life is fun?

Greyhound wish

Greyhound wish

Greyhound wish
When I die, let it be as a pet…
So that someone will remember me!

Greyhound wish